Friday, January 8, 2010

Let's punch a bear into orbit...again!

Those bad movie lovin' e-folks at io9 have posted clips from Lou Ferrigno's SECOND outting as legendary/mythical gym bunny Hercules in Adventures of Hercules!

For a play by play on Big Lou's first Herc movie, check out my earlier post here.

Done? Good!

I sure hope they show Adventures of Hercules on TV soon. The clips show him fighting a buncha dudes who look like they each swallowed a crate of those glow in the dark sticks you keep in the car for night-time emergencies (or for raves) and grappling with perhaps the weirdest Bigfoot-thing ever (it looks like a cross between Sasquatch, the Salt Vampire and Dorse from The Lost Saucer). The article's author, Charlie Jane Anders, had this terrific observation about the Herc-'foot match: "He kills Bigfoot so hard, the Sasquatch turns into a lightning bolt."

This is the kind of crazy-ass, batshit-insane movie that companies like The Asylum (Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus) can only DREAM of making.

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