Friday, January 8, 2010

In the spotlight

Since Quiet Earth's focus is "post apocalyptic" fare, it brought to mind this amazingly cool piece by comic book artist John Byrne.

For the four of you out there that don't recognize it, this is Byrne's homage to his own now-legendary cover to an issue of X-Men comics, the "Days of Future Past" story, set primarily in a wasteland of a future ruled by giant killing machines (this was BEFORE the original Terminator was made). The original cover had Wolverine protecting an adult Kitty Pryde and on the "wanted poster" was the faces (and fates) of their fellow X-Men (most of their fates were not good).

This image did not appear in the course of the story, of course, but is one of the best examples of a comic book cover conveying what the story is about. Imagine this as an X-Men movie poster with a ferocious Hugh Jackman protecting an older Ellen Page (yes, I know the movie series has mucked that up beyond a chance of it ever happening, but still, it's fun to dream).

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  1. Beautiful artwork. Maybe they could still receate that scene or that storyline in a fourth XMEN film......