Saturday, January 9, 2010

Armor, Hot Dog!

The folks over at Marvel Comics have re-re-re-designed Tony Stark's IRON MAN armor once again.

If you've ever read any Iron Man comics in the last 25 years, he's had more armor changes than Joan Collins has had face lifts. (That's more than three.)

And what do you know, but the new design has more than a few lines in common with the movie version. Big surprise there. One question: what's with ALL THE LIGHTS? There are little "spotlights" on the collar bone area, ribs, triceps, calves. Sheesh.

At least it's a tad more grounded in reality (like many of 60s & 70s incarnations, and the movie version). For a while there in the early 90s I think, they went buggo on the thing and it just looked stupid. The idea seemed to be "look how many lines we can draw on the armor." Must've made the artists nuts, which is why no one could stay on the title for very long.

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