Thursday, July 25, 2019

Move Over Lt Arex, It's Chester Cheetah!

The reason the Bridge of the USS Enterprise was always covered in Cheetos dust.

Baskin Rogers and the 25 Flavors of the Century

Viewers of a certain age may fondly recall the NBC sci fi series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century which ran for two season (1979 - 1981).

Created by the soon to be legendary Glen A. Larson, the first season was mostly a very watered down James Bond in Space, where Buck would woo the hottie of the week while fighting the bad guys, which wasted the charm and talents of the lovely Erin Gray as Col. Wilma Deering.

Network audiences weren't ready for a female in charge of things in the disco era so Wilma had less and less to do. It got so bad that in the second season, new producers junked the first season's template and tried to copy Star Trek by having Buck, Wilma, and Twiki team with some new friends on a mission to find lost Earthlings. Think of it as Battlestar Galactica (same producer) in reverse.

Remember I said they wasted Erin Gray. Look at this season two cast photo. They ditched the black and white military uniform (and pants) for what looks like a sailor suit or the person behind the counter at an ice cream shoppe. Baskin Rogers, anyone?

Miami 1999

This is what happens when you watch episodes of Space: 1999 at night and then listen to the Miami Vice soundtrack during the day.

Who Wore It Better: Zardoz vs Vartox

The cover of Superman #281 (Nov 1974) popped up on a Twitter account recently, featuring the introduction to a hirsute, mustachioed villain named Vartox.

Image result for superman vol 1 281

 If you thought he looked just like Sean Connery's character of Zed in the trippy sci fi flick Zardoz (released in Feb 1974) you win the Golden Thigh High Boot.

Now the question is, Who wore it better? And why was this deemed appropriate for young boys of the 1970s?