Sunday, December 23, 2018

Robin Hood seriously wounds Mortal Engines

The audience has spoken.

And they are not happy with Mortal Engines, the new blockbuster produced by Peter Jackson.

Per's projections through December 23, 2018, the $100 million dollar budgeted film about a post-apocalyptic Earth where a variety of cities such as London survive as gigantic mobile platforms on wheels has grossed less than $12 million domestically since its release on December 14.

In a world where resources are scarce, how does it make ANY sense to have to propel your cities on giant wheels and treads? You have to agree that is a seriously goofy premise.

Moviegoers thought it was such a stupid premise because they actually went to see the 14,573rd version of Robin Hood instead. Yes, Robin fcuking Hood, which brought in just over $30 million in North America.

 Perhaps if Mortal Engines had featured Robin Hood were riding atop a fast moving Sherwood Forest-mobile shooting arrows at a furiously zooming Nottingham piloted by the Sheriff it would have gotten more butts in ye olde seats.