Thursday, January 28, 2010

You should ask for directions - The Robinsons: Lost in Space

Remember that Lost in Space TV reboot in 2004, titled The Robinsons: Lost in Space? It was directed by John Woo and starred Brad Johnson and Jayne Brook as the heads of the Robinson family, John and Maureen?

Don't remember? Well, that's because the network got cold feet AND NEVER AIRED IT.

But thanks to the media archaeologists at io9, they've posted a clip where Big John goes to rescue Will (Ryan Malgarini) from some gas mask aliens (they look like Ovions mixed with gas mask-wearing Sleestak).

This pilot really doesn't look too good: Brad Johnson comes across as pretty stiff (he hasn't changed since his debut in Always), the white costumes look like generic "space costumes," the aliens look terrible, and the action comes across like it was directed by Woo - the master of the "bullet ballet" - while he was asleep.

The only good thing to come out of all this is that the major sets for the Robinson's ship, the Jupiter II were sold off to Battlestar Galactica and became the sets for their rival the Battlestar Pegasus, resulting in a huge cost savings for BSG.

I just wonder if the Robot was featured in this pilot. You can't have Lost in Space without Will AND the Robot. Guess I'll have to watch the complete pilot that is posted to YouTube and find out.

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