Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Simian Cinema

Being a fan of all things monkey, this interesting article was brought to our attention by Friend of the Blog, DC. It's from the BBC's Earth News section and it looks at an amazing experiment involving chimps and a very sturdy video camera.

Two words: CHIMP CAM! (We've always wanted to say that.)

That's right, they've created "simian cinema" with Cecil B. DeMonkey directing. From the looks of the sample clip, chimps aren't half bad cinematographers (that is, when they're not licking the camera lens). It's certainly better than a lot of crappy Blair Witch knock offs I've seen.

There are also links on the side to other chimpanzee-related hijinks, including chimps mentally mapping out fruit tree locations, a chimp who "planned out" a zoo attack using rocks, and our favorite, chimps exchange meat for sex (just like Uncle Cornelius). We're finding out our furry cousins are more like us every day.

Now give them some day-glo paint and they can make a mini-Avatar movie.

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