Monday, January 11, 2010

From Russia With No Love

Fringe - "Unearthed"

A teenage girl, Lisa, - brain dead after an accident - is about to have her organs harvested for transplants when she suddenly wakes up and starts speaking Russian and reciting classified military information.

A solid episode, and apparently one leftover from season one as Agent Charlie Francis (Kirk Acevedo) is alive and well and NOT a parallel universe shapeshifter. (A post on Ain't It Cool News postulates that 22 episodes were ordered by the network for season one and only 20 were broadcast, so we may have one more "freebie" like this one to go.)

This is a fun sci-fi twist to the idea of possession, especially since the girl's mother (Amy Carlson) is a devout Catholic (although thankfully one who doesn't see her daughter as being possessed by demons). Walter Bishop (John Noble) however is a dedicated scientist and he believes that when an American sailor, one who spent time on a nuclear-powered ship and spoke Russian) was murdered his energy or spirit was transferred to Lisa. We even get to see some old movies with a young Walter experimenting on this "psychic possession/transference" with a Subject No. 6 (don't ask about subjects No. 1 through 5).

Lisa gets a bit of a crush on Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) and she even tells Olivia (Anna Torv) that she turns 18 in a year, so Olivia better "hurry up" (if she and Peter are ever going to go out).

It was good to see Charlie, however briefly the appearance. Maybe there's a parallel universe Charlie Francis - and hopefully he's a good guy - and he and Olivia can have a reunion down the road.

Last but not least, Jean the Cow also makes an appearance and gives Walter some extremely fresh milk.

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