Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Justice Society of America: A Legend Comes to Life

I'm actually excited about an episode of Smallville. "Absolute Justice" is what the netlet the CW is calling their two-hour special where Clark Kent encounters the Justice Society of America, the world's first superhero team.

I used to watch Smallville back in the day and it was a great show for a while, but similar to Lost, one that definitely needed an end date. Clark Kent can only stumble and fumble for so long, before he gets his act together and becomes Superman (oh, no, was that a spoiler?). And the series is in it's, what, NINTH season. At this rate, star Tom Welling will hit 40 before he dons the blue tights and cape (if TPTB let him wear the costume, of course - corporate synergy, my ass).

Anyhoo, back to "Absolute Justice." The episode promises to show Hawkman, Dr. Fate (two of my faves) and Star Girl. DC Universe's The Source has a neat little clip filled with Easter Eggs on the Justice Society of America. How many can you name?

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