Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Request lines are open

Summertime. Driving with the top down and the radio on.

Here are ten of this summer's hottest jams:

Kid Gort (featuring M’ari’a tha R’obot) - "Klaatu Bawitdaba Nikto"
Lady Ripley - "5 Minutes to Self-Destruct (My Love)"
HSIGM (Holy Shit It’s Giant Monsters) - "I’m in Tokyo, Kaiju-bitch!"
Da Thang Frum Anotha Wurld - "Don’t Change Yur Luv On Me"
Outta Spaace - "Sigh Figh Bluez"
Rogers & Gordon - "Tha Space Opera"

Lil’ Binary - "U Take Me From 0 2 1"
The Bot Droid Band - "Don’t Phaser Me, Bro"
Melange Girls - "Worming Your Way (Into My Heart)"

Al.i.en - "M.U.THR.F.UK.R."

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