Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Neutral Zone is for loading and unloading passengers only. There is no stopping in the Neutral Zone.

Star Trek. "The Enterprise Incident"

Kirk seriously goes off his meds.

Spock gets a hot piece of Romulan boo-tay.

Scotty goes Monster Garage* with a new toy.

McCoy gets to play Nip/Tuck with Kirk's ears.

And if you haven't seen the Remastered version, there's now one Romulan Boid o' Prey and two leased Klingon ships that surround the ol' garbage scow. Though why the Romulan commander was based on one of the Klingon jobs and not the ROMULAN ship is beyond me. It's like a German CEO driving a Honda.

* Yes, I know Monster Garage ended THREE YEARS AGO. The reference still stands!
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  1. One of the best series EVER!

    Pointy ears got balls

    Nomad's sister