Saturday, July 18, 2009

Does this rubber mask make my butt look big?

Top 10 Signs You’re Probably Fighting a Star Trek Alien

10. It smells like fresh rubber.
9. Its costume is a shower curtain with crap hot-glued to it.
8. Yes, that is Ted Cassidy, but his makeup isn't on yet. (“Sorry, Ted.”)
7. It can pick up really big Styrofoam rocks.
6. Its eyes look like painted ping pong balls…because they are.
5. They just dyed last week’s alien’s fun fur white.
4. Pipe cleaners and dryer lint?…I’ll be in my trailer.
3. It looks like a giant ketchup-covered cafeteria meatball.
2. Your fist gets caught in its zipper.
1. Seams-a-palooza.

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