Friday, July 10, 2009

Fiction, meet Truth

On Tuesday, I posted a look at an old Outer Limits episode called O.B.I.T. Part of the story involved a senator, played by Peter Breck, whose sub-committee oversees the base where the story takes place. The senator, however, was totally unaware of the O.B.I.T. device employed to spy on members of the base (and he later learns the device's range is far beyond the base confines).

Today, in a test of the old adage that "truth is stranger than fiction," this story comes across the wire: Lawmaker says CIA Director ended secret program. Looks like the CIA had a top secret spying program going on in the wake of 9-11 and didn't tell the U.S. Congress about it.

I wonder if this story will turn out to have its own heavily bespectacled "Mr. Lomax" (the peeping alien behind the spying shenanigans in the Outer Limits episode).

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