Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Views and Reviews - Star Trek Remastered

Star Trek Remastered. "The Man Trap."

They took out the cool, original Jupiter-like planet and replaced it with a generic CGI sphere. They also created some great CGI matte paintings that show more of the planet surface with the ruins. Very impressive.

Speaking of impressive the actual planet set seems to be fairly large, larger it appears than other similar planetscapes. It would be cool to play paintball or laser tag on a set like this, especially with all the column ruins.

Kirk does his captain's logs in practically a whisper. Very eerie.

In the teaser just before they meet Nancy and the Prof, Kirk, very much the jock, picks some weeds and offers them to McCoy to use as flowers for his old girlfriend. Kirk is a dick.

In dialogue they state that Nancy was 25 when she met McCoy 12 years ago, so that would make her only 37, then why the ugly, gray-haired old lady wig? And another thing that's always bothered me is how Nancy is shown for the majority of the episode AS KIRK SEES HER. WTF? She was Dr. McCoy's old flame, so throughout the episode should she not have been shown as McCoy had remembered her, i.e. less matronly?

Expendable Crewman #1 sees Nancy as the hot blond from "Wrigley's Pleasure Planet." Just how much fun can you HAVE with gum?

Uhura is just plain horny here. She says to Spock, "Why don't you tell me I'm an attractive young woman?" and "Tell me how Vulcan looks in the moonlight." Geez, why not just wave a condom and a tube of lube at the man.

The crewmen all die from the Victor Borge plant. POP!

There are several quick scenes in the Enterprise corridors -- they are alwasy bustling with activity. At one point even the beekeeper-guy shows up. Very cool. There's even one scene where they follow Kirk from the corridor into the elevator with a handheld camera -- a big deal with the huge 1960s cameras they used.

Mr. Sulu is ALL OVER the ship in this episode. He's eatin' a salad with Beauregard the pink hand puppet plant in the botanical lab, he's roaming the corridors with Yeoman Rand a few times, he's sitting at Uhura's station later on the bridge while Uhura is at Spocks (musical chairs!).

After Kirk shoots Crater, he leaps over a rock, visibly jostling the slab of styrofoam ruin behind him. oops.

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Thanks to Trekcore.com for the Star Trek screencaps.

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