Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Views and Reviews - Star Trek Remastered

I've been watching Star Trek: Remastered once a week here in California. Though I'm a fan of the Original Series, I have not regularly watched it since the mid-to-late 1980s. So with more than a hint of nostalgia, fresh eyes, and curiosity about the new CGI visual effects, I present these Views and Reviews, complete with Star Trek Fumetti."

The Squire of Gothos.

I prefer most of the original planet effects to the new CGI planets - somehow the CGI planets look MORE fake. Case in point Trelane's planet. Blech. And it was a stupid idea on the "aft facing" viewscreen shots to show the ends of the nacelles -- you've got two huge blind spots now!. Thanks CBS Digital dudes!

A fort. A forest chase. Dueling pistols. A sword fight. Dressing up as a general (retired) and a judge. And a hot blond chick. What's not to like?

When McCoy, Jaeger and DeSalle first enter Trelane's castle, what the eff is that mounted on the post facing the camera? It looks like a wad of felt with those little plastic eyes glued to it. Is this something Trelane made in school?

About Jaeger. Boy is that guy just the oldest living lieutenant or what? I smell RETIREMENT time fella!

I never noticed before but Shatner and Nimoy both mispronounce "mischievous" at the end. They say miss-CHEE-VEE-ous. (Perhaps since Vulcan kids were never so, that's why Spock can't pronounce it correctly, but Kirk? Come on, he's the POSTER BOY for mischievous.)

"Parent of the Year Award" goes to Mr. & Mrs. Trelane. Way to keep an eye on your brat of a kid, folks. Try a harness next time. Or a locking crib.

Why, oh, why didn't TNG or any of the other Star Trek incarnations tie Trelane to the Q Continuum? Especially when William Campbell is still around? Huge missed opportunity, people.

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Thanks to Trekcore.com for the Star Trek screencaps.

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