Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Tights that Bind

According to this post on Newsarama, DC Comics is remaking/rebooting/reimaging/(insert latest doublespeak here) Superman and Batman for comic book readers. They already rebooted Superman once in the (mostly) celebrated but short-lived John Byrne run from the mid-1980s, but they quickly messed that up.

I have to say I don't like the new Batman costume. It's like a comic book version of a live action version of a comic book's costume. MAKE UP YOUR FRIGGIN' MIND! Without the "underwear over the tights" there's just too much gray there. His new utility belt looks like it has a bunch of old cell phones stuck to it. And what the hell did they do to his cowl, cutting it up like that - I can handle seeing his eyes, instead of having white "slits", but the cowl is now a mess.

Not Bat-cool.

They haven't posted much art on the Superman re-reboot, so I can't judge that yet, but if it's anything like Batman's costume adjustments, well, then it probably super-blows.

It's a good thing I stopped reading comic books a long time ago, or I'd be very upset right about now.

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