Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kids in the Hall

Star Trek TOS - "And The Children Shall Lead"

Yes, those kids will lead us straight to hell in this third season clunker.

At the time this episode was perhaps most famous for guest starring attorney Melvin Belli as the villain (they even referenced this appearance in David Fincher's great 2007 film Zodiac). But for pop culture fans, it's now probably more famous for guest star Pamelyn Ferdin, who was one of the early voices for Lucy in three Charlie Brown outtings (one feature film and two TV - although she did not originate the voice of the character as some believe). Ferdin also went on to star in 1977's Saturday morning cult fave Space Academy, alongside the improbably named Ric Carrot, and Star Trek's very own James Doohan. Wow, but that's a lot of trivia! When you get to these questions in Trivial Pursuit, you'll thank me.

Is it just me or does Belli's Gorgan costume look like a shower curtain with some crap hot-glued around the collar? In some close ups, it even appears to be that some of the hot-glued crap FELL OFF, and no one fixed it! At this point, they were probably thinking, "This is the last season for this weird Trek shit, so why bother makin' it look good?"

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  1. Gorgon dude looked like a friggin' Christmas tree on his way out to the office Christmas party. Feel sorry for whoever pulled his name for Secret Santa.

    So Pamelyn was Lucy, huh? Whodathunk it.

    Speakin of Lucy, there was a great rerun (they're all great...and all reruns, aren't they?) of Peanuts in the Sunday paper about 2, 3 weeks
    ago. Linus walks up to a brick wall and carries on a conversation, then walks home and talks to Lucy, who's watching TV. Last panel, Linus meets
    up with CB and Says, "You're right, talking to Lucy IS like talking to a brick wall." Shear comedy.

    Kind of along the same line -okay, not really- I picked up Calvin and Hobbes "Weirdos from Another Planet" last night and read through most of it. My gods, that stuff is STILL hilarious! Being a wee bit older, and a dad, I think I can appreciate C&H mo' bettah now.

  2. This is some seriously funny stuff.


    As You Believe, So Shall You Do!

    Love those!

    A few ideas:

    Melvin Belli being summoned by OJ at his trial (he was one of OJ's lawyers, remember).

    Melvin Belli using his mantra to convince the jury.

    Godzilla vs. Gorgon


  3. this must be the worste and most annoying episode of the star trek series.Whats the eldest kids gay 90's Crackicuss Potts swimming suite?As somebody say else,are kids justing jerking off to use their powers?Mister Sulu's worste momment ever.Is he that stupid,to think a swilling knives wormhole is dangerious to the enterprise?Pamila Ferden-most annoying child actor ever.the kids really were just a pack of assholes,in the end.