Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holding out for a (Guild) Hero

The Guild – Season 3


The Guild goes up against its own Bizarro: a rival guild, the Axis of Anarchy. They are everything the Knights of Good aren’t: united, mean (okay, Tink is kind of mean), cruel and underhanded. And their assured leader, Fawkes (Wil Wheaton), rocks a kilt.

The Guild becomes leaderless when Vork (Jeff Lewis) turns in his keys and goes on sort of a vision quest (or in his particular case, more of a “van quest”), leaving Codex (Felicia Day) to try and hold things together.

The Guildies try to fill the hole left by Tink’s (Amy Okuda) defection with Clara’s (Robin Thorsen) husband Mr. Wiggly (Brett Sheridan). Bad idea, and just WHO is watching those adorable carpet mice now?

In the end, it all comes down to a cyber battle of wits and strength (albeit one held face to face, screen to screen) between Codex and Fawkes. Winner, well, wins.

Writer/creator Felicia Day delivers another great batch of fun episodes. The highlight, as always, is her vlogs at the beginning of each episode. Her facial expressions, both large and subtle, are a delight. All the Guildies are given their moments to shine and “special guest villain” (to quote the old Batman show) Wil Wheaton proves he can be a real dick and still be charming (isn't that sort of a Bruce Campbell trait?).

And the denouement with Codex waking up in bed with Fawkes – way to cliff-hang the season!

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