Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blogger from another mother

The cyber-folks at IO9 have a great article up, written by Graeme McMillan and detailing some of his frustrations with the ABC sci-fi series FlashForward.

It's like McMillan held a mirror up to my blog: he and I share many of the same problems with this once-promising show.

I haven't yet watched the most recent episode, its "fall finale" until the series returns in March and I'm not expecting much.

It will be interesting to see if co-developer David S. Goyer, who assumed showrunner duties after previous head writer Marc Guggenheim was fired, can turn this ship around in it final clutch of episodes.

It can happen (see the show Lie to Me, after "The Shield" creator Shawn Ryan took over the writers room). And I want it to happen with this show. Good sci-fi is SO hard to come by on network tee vee.

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