Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Beedy, beedy, beedy. It's Your New Show, Buck!

This might be good news for some of you (and you know who you are) but according to this Trekweb report James Cawley, the Elvis impersonator/Capt Kirk impersonator from the Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II fan film series is producing a new web series of Buck Rogers (minus Twiki).

Producer Cawley has managed to cast original NBC series Buck Rogers stars Gil Gerard and Erin Gray for this web show.

To be honest I don't see the appeal of most fan-films, other than perhaps for the people making them (hey, they're playing Trek for real!). Cawley's New Voyages feature incredibly faithful set recreations and cool digital effects, but most suffer from poor stories/direction and ALL suffer from terrible, amateur-at-best, acting. (And Cawley, with his pompador and big sideburns, looks more like Steve McGarrett from Hawaii Five-O than Shatner's Kirk. OH, NO, DON'T TELL ME HE'S GOING TO DO A FAN-FILM OF HAWAII FIVE-O!)

Anyway, getting back to the Buck Rogers webseries, even diehard fans must admit Gerard looks so old and haggard in that photo. And the fact that the new young Buck is played by a New Voyages alum doesn't fill me with joy in the slightest. More terrible acting is on the horizon.

Oh well, at least the special effects will be cool.

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