Thursday, December 17, 2009

Phantom Menace taken to task

People, you have GOT to watch this video critique of Episode I: The Phantom Menace on! The reviewer is Mike from RedLetterMedia in Wisconsin (his YouTube channel also skewers the Star Trek: TNG movies in a similar manner).

It's not the usual fanboy "George Lucas raped my childhood" baloney, but a very astute look at what is so wrong, wrong, wrong with this movie (and by extension, the rest of the Prequel Trilogy).

And to top it off, it is very funny. It's like Zach Galifiankis and Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs ("it puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose") were spliced together.

It's in seven segments of ten minutes each. So watch a little here, a little there, but WATCH IT YOU MUST!

Every filmmaker who wants to make a fantasy film, be it space opera or superheroes or toys to movies needs to watch this and TAKE NOTES.


  1. That video was great! I wasn't planning on watching all 70 minutes but it was so funny that I couldn't stop. Thanks for posting, hope you don't mind me posting it in my own blog.

  2. Hi, Zachary,

    Isn't that video awesome (too bad school doesn't combine humor in this same manner, huh)?

    And I don't mind you posting it on your blog (I didn't create the video). But just as I mentioned I found it on techland, perhaps you could mention in your blog post that you first heard about it on Bad News From Outer Space. Bloggers gotta support each other!

  3. I have managed to watch all seven installments of the Phantom Mentos review as well as all his reviews for various Star Trek films. I have not laughed as hard at anything in ages!

    These should be required (or at least heavily suggested) viewing for anyone taking a screen writing or film making course.

    I wonder if my pizza rolls are in the mail?

  4. Oh, it would be SO cool it I could get some pizza roll SPONSORS in the ads. Come on, Google, work your PIZZA ROLL magic!