Sunday, November 1, 2009

Space Cowboys and Indians

Star Trek (TOS) - "The Paradise Syndrome"

Capt. Kirk gets his marbles scrambled (electricity is BAD kids!) and becomes "Kirok," the god of a tribe of space Indians at the Obelisk Village Casino & Resort (motto: "Loosest slots in the solar system."). Meanwhile, Roland Emmerich has thrown a giant asteroid at the Indian's planet.

Wait, "space Indians?" Well, at least they aren't as bad as the "space hippies" from "Way to Eden." So, one bullet dodged. I think they just walked across the lot and borrowed some Indian costumes from Bonanza for a week.

This is a good episode for Spock and McCoy to lock horns over first abandoning Jim to the planet, then Spock's treatment of the ship/crew and not lastly how hard Spock is on himself. Maybe they'll appear on Dr. Phil one day to work out their differences.

Kirk, of course, gets to hook up with Miramanee, the hottest Indian maiden, played by Sabrina Scarf, which ticks off the medicine man Salish, played by Rudy Solari, who reminds me of nothing so much as Paul Lynde on steroids, minus the smirking laughter. But even a hott Space Native American doesn't deter Jim Kirk from kicking the asteroid's, well, ass.

And the crew built a really cool obelisk/meteor deflector on location.

Remember: always bet on black, and always bet on Jim Kirk!

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  1. LOL--Great stuff as usual Miklos!

    Rudy Solari was one of those faces you saw on every other TV show back in the 60's and 70's.

    The other thing I really remember him for was "Police Squad". He played a racketeer who rigged boxing fights. He tried to escape at the end of the episode when everybody "froze" over the end credits but got trapped by the TV screen.


  2. LOL!!!

    But you knew that.

    Laughed hardest at the hot tub bit, but of course was happy to see Quacky's return to comedy.

    The guy taking a dump at the stoning is very funny too.