Sunday, November 1, 2009

Is "Yub nub" Ewokese for "pour me another scotch?"

As a capper on the weekend's Halloween festivities, have you seen the Today Show footage with the allegedly drunk Ewoks?

Yub yub, indeed.

Man, George Lucas is gonna have a fit. Who let the drunk, punk-ass midgets (sorry Little People) wear those costumes? That fool will soon find himself fired (or force choked).

Wicket, the adorable Ewok kid from Return of the Jedi would be rolling around in his grave after he saw this--if he were dead, and wasn't walking around in that stupid Leprechaun movie costume.

ps: Al Roker. You're a black man and you dress up as Han Solo - admittedly the coolest pirate in the galaxy until Johnny Depp does Pirates of the Caribbean XXIII: Avast Ye Scurvy Space Pirates, but he's a white dude. WHAT ABOUT LANDO CALRISSIAN, THE COOLEST BLACK SPACE PIRATE IN THE GALAXY? The Star Wars Saga has so little people of color and you just turn a blind eye on your macrobinoculars to Lando, the administrator of Cloud City (Lando's motto: "Colt 45 in every spaceport").

Oh, well, Al - at least you didn't dress up as Lobot.

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