Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gorn's Twitter Feed

Would the Gorn's tweets be better labeled "grits?" Or perhaps "greets?"

Why's that little pale dude wearing a ssskirt? And why's he so sssparkly?
Stardate: 7134.8

I am SO gonna throw gray boulders at that man.
Stardate: 7136.6

Stardate: 7013.5

Where’s my tunic? And my flint knife, Mr. Pointy?
Stardate: 6421.2

Kirrrk? He’s here? Right now? On Sestus III? FUCK!
Stardate: 6421.1

I could really go for a Rat on a Stick & a Coke rrright now. Or a Manwich.
Stardate: 3289.1

Gonna shed my skin now. Don’t peek!
Stardate: 3295.6

Sunlight is really a bitch when you can’t blink your eyesss. Grrrr.
Stardate: 3196.3

Think I’m gonna lay in the sssun for a few hrs & just bake. After all, I AM a lizard.
Stardate: 3195.6

Boy, these rocks on Sestus III are pointy. And at an angle.
Stardate: 4319.8

Stardate: 5125.6

Oh, FESTUS. Never mind.
Stardate: 3195.9

Sestus III? Wasn’t he on Gunsssmoke?
Stardate: 3195.7

2day’s wardrobe choices: tunic, tunic, thong, tunic. Gonna go w/ the tunic.
Stardate: 3195.6

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