Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Real Nightmare

Say you're re-launching a highly successful, long-running horror franchise - one that has spawned an iconic figure known around the world.

This re-launch is even more gritty, more realistic than the surreal original.

So you seek to promote this new A Nightmare on Elm Street - which the studio hopes will be the first of many new movies - with... cutesy wootsey wittle toys?

The Freddy Krueger plastic doll with cloth clothes looks like Chucky's older brother, while the vinyl Mezco toy, with the round "elephant" feet, merely looks stupid. The other thing to consider is that the Freddy character is a child molester. No getting around that. While these toys may be aimed at adults, I bet more than a few will end up in kids' hands.

What's next, will someone put out a "Famous Child Killers" line of action figures (I'd hate to think of the accessories)? When money and good taste butt heads, money always seems to win out.

Let's hope the movie's better than the toy tie-ins.

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