Monday, November 9, 2009

Open the Pod People door, HAL

Top 10 Ways to tell your spouse has been taken over by Pod People.

10. Constant phone messages left by someone calling themselves Green Giant saying, "Ho-ho-ho!"
9. They recoil from electricity (or maybe they're just Amish).
8. Their eyes go all misty when you mention soy protein isolate.
7. They take a bath in melted butter and scrub with salt and pepper.
6. When watching The Thing From Another World, they always root for the carrot man (The Thing).
5. They're always carrying cans of peas in their pockets.
4. No matter your ailment- from headaches to a paper cut - they prescribe sleeping pills.
3. They recoil in terror from McDonald's french fries (only aliens don't love Mickey D's fries).
2. They think Star Trek should have been called Spock Trek.
1. Whenever you mention Kevin McCarthy they give you the finger.

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