Monday, January 19, 2009

57 Channels And Nothing On (Except Korean Soap Operas)

So I hooked up my digital television converter box. Yes, I am one of those people who refuse to subscribe to cable TV out of protest. With the typical bundled cable packages offered today, I would get 15 Spanish language channels, four or five religious channels (including Spanish language religious channels!), at least four home shopping channels and a half dozen Home & Garden-type channels. I don’t want that stuff. To me that’s like going to a restaurant and ordering a meal that comes with so much extra food you did not want and, especially, don’t like to eat.

Before the digital conversion I had the major broadcast networks, PBS and a few extra stations, like Telemundo and one showing Korean soap operas. Now, with digital I get those same stations, PLUS one with Armenian soap operas.

Take THAT, cable!


  1. Keep an eye out for "Turkish Star Wars", "Indian Superman", or "Armenian Hawaii 5-0"