Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Seeing as how I was low on cereal, last night I found myself in that particular aisle of a local supermarket. As I am no longer 8 years old I moved past the Frosted Flakes, Fruity Peebles, Cookie Crisp, and the Sugar Smacks - or whatever it is they renamed it to cover up the fact it's just sugar with some binders - to the more "adult" cereals. Not being a hippie-type - and not wanting to spend 45 minutes chewing each mouthful of bark - I also moved past the granola cereals and their cousins. That didn't leave a whole lot of tasty choices.

So I was checking out the raisin bran, er, brands. (Now Trader Joes has an AWFUL raisin bran due to the fact its raisins have the consistency of BEEF JERKY. Note to TJ marketing peeps, add some MOISTURE to your raisin b, wouldya?) Being an adult of a certain age, I was looking at the fiber content as well as the total calories of the cereals. 12% daily fiber here. 20% there. One raisin bran had close to 30% (Holy Crap!) of your day's fiber in one small bowl! (And who eats just one small bowl of cereal?)

What's next, a cereal with 100% of your day's fiber, where you sit on the toilet while eating it 'cuz that stuff's just gonna go RIGHT THROUGH YOU?

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  1. Interesting that it is Crap'n Crunch rather than the other way around (Crunch n' Crap'n). Perhaps like Crunch Berries there should be a little something extra added to the basic cereal mixture?

    Of course, the generic cereal bowl on the cover would have to be replaced with a toilet bowl...