Saturday, January 31, 2009

Are you crazy... Is that your problem?

So I attended the annual Chinese New Year parade in L.A.'s Chinatown today.

The highlight was when David Lo Pan jumped out of his convertible and his Wing Kong warriors got into a MAJOR skermish with BOTH the Chang Sings, and their lesser known cousins the Sing Dings. There was clashing steel, smoke and flames and cats flying about like they were on wires.

Of course once light started coming out of Lo Pan's mouth we all hightailed it outta there and over to Foo Chow's restaurant, where painted on the buidling out front it states "Jackie Chan's Rush Hour A Best Seller" was filmed there. I got to sit in the spot where Chris Tucker inquired about their Camel's Hump, and stand where he pleaded with the hostess, "Look maybe you don't understand, I'm Mr. Juntao's lawyer, legal advisor, he got into some shit again and he told me to come down here and I'm a very busy man, ain't got time to be down here this late but I'm down here, my wife want me to come home, my baby is shittin' all over the house, he needs diapers, would you please go get Mr. Juntao?"

Jackie Chan was conspicuous by his absense.

Truth be told, this is a somewhat embellished version of today's events. I did see James Hong, the sprightly actor who played Lo Pan in the parade, and he did leave his convertible to walk and dance down the street.

And light DID come out of this mouth.

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