Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bigfoot on Skis!

Not to be confused with Bigfoot on Ice, this is Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch, versus some goofball local yokel hunter-types on snowmobiles.

Where does Charlie Jane at io9 find this shit, in this case The Capture of Bigfoot?

This 'Squatch, or should I say "these" Squatches as there appear to be two, look like they swallowed the Michelin Man. You'd think a fur costume would be warm enough in the snow but it looks like they're wearing a padded snow suit UNDERNEATH their Bigfoot costumes.

Listen to that Sasquatch growling! It sounds like it was recorded live on location instead of having the sound man create some cool animal language sounds. A six month old puppy can make a more threatening sound than that!

And WHY does the guy with the stalled snowmobile finally get it going only to launch into a slo-mo ramp crash? Bigsquatch didn't appear to be anywhere near him. Guy's so stupid he just launches himself into slo-mo ramp crashes for no reason.

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