Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TV Potpourri

SciFI Wire has news on the upcoming Fringe second season finale. We've got six new episodes plus a two-part finale (so eight hours) coming our way starting April 1. This is probably my favorite show, perhaps even edging out Lost a bit. Nothing beats that incredible first season of Lost, but this may be one show where there is just too much going on - unless you re-watch each episode 108 times. Fringe is more streamlined in its storytelling, at least so far, and it doesn't have two dozen characters to keep track of and for which to supply interesting storylines.

They've also got some info on V, which return to the sched on March 30. My interest in V has cooled significantly. I'll likely watch the first two new episodes, but if it doesn't pull itself together and get it story and characters in line, then I'm going to drop it. And I hate to do that to a Morena Baccarin show - she's the best thing about this V-boot.

This might be old news, but a Battlestar Galactica vet is coming to FlashForward, which returns to our interocitor screens on March 18. Dr. Gaius Baltar himself, the great James Callis, has been cast in a recurring role. Maybe that will be the kick in the pants this show needs to get back to the sharp storytelling of its first few episodes.

I leave you with something non-TV show related but cooler than hell: a model of LOTR's Minas Tirith built out of matches!

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