Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Note "Space Illustrator" Passes

Trekmovie.com has a piece up about noted illustrator Robert McCall who died on Friday, February 26.

Mr. McCall created the famous painting of the space station and Pan Am shuttle used to promote 2001: A Space Odyssey among other Hollywood movies. He worked on Star Trek: The Motion Picture providing concept art, much of it focusing on the V'Ger alien spacecraft.

He also worked for many years envisioning the future of space travel for NASA, giving us some incredible pieces of art that haven't been equalled. Concept artists and illustrators working in films today would do well to look to such greats as Robert McCall for inspiration.

The Trekmovie article has this link to a page with several pieces of Mr. McCall's ST:TMP artwork that I have never seen before, which is always a treat.

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