Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zombie Series Shuffles to First Season Order

This is great news off the SciFiWire: AMC has given the greenlight to produce a six-episode first season of The Walking Dead, the tv adaptation of the critically acclaimed comic book series.

While I wish the first season would at least be 10 or 13 episodes long, I'll take six episodes and hope this allows series Executive Producer Frank Darabont and his team the time and to craft some well-rounded stories.

Even though zombie-maestro George Romero's four (soon to be five) Dead films are ostensibly set in the same world, we've never had a movie or TV series following the same group of characters as they survive a zombie apocalypse.

I absolutely loved Darabont's last film, The Mist, and cannot wait to see how he handles Robert Kirkman's creation.

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