Thursday, March 11, 2010

Greetings, New Program

Good grief, but this new Tron: Legacy trailer looks AWESOME!

We get Bruce Boxleitner, who voice has matured and mellowed like six octaves lower than when he made the original TRON in 1982.

We get not one but TWO Jeff Bridges - two Dude-Trons; the contemporary bearded one, and a younger digital-face version playing CLU. Let's hope they learned from the team that worked on Benjamin Button and made those astounding animation techniques even better.

The visual design looks incredible, with nods to the original, but not being a slave to it.

And director Joseph Kosinski and his photography and editing teams seem to be making a movie where you can actually follow the action! More in the "classic action style" of a James Cameron or Steven Spielberg than Neveldine/Taylor and the rest of the ADD/video game generation of how many editing cuts can we have in 1 second of screen time.

Start polishing your light cycles - December 2010 looks really cool.

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