Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yangie Doodle Dandy

Star Trek. "The Omega Glory"

Dr. Van Gelder (played by Morgan Woodward - yeah the badass in the shades in Cool Hand Luke) gets rid of the shakes and puts in a smart appearance as Capt. Ron Tracey, skipper of the USS Exeter.

But the Exeter is now a ghost ship littered with empty uniforms. Well, not exactly empty: they are filled with what looks like sea salt crystals.

I know what you're thinking, What the huh?

Well, join Kirk and the landing party as they get down with the Yangs and the Comms. You'll be glad you did.

Star Trek is Copyright 2009 and a Registered Trademark of CBS Studios, Inc. No infringement of those rights is intended.
Screencaps obtained from Trekcore.com.

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