Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Deceptive Trekking

"The Enterprise rendezvous with a scientist who claims to have developed a new synthetic food source, only to discover they were being lured there to apprehend a man believed to be..."

That's the onscreen program info for station KDOC's airing of tonight's Star Trek episode. I thought, WTF? For the life of me, I could NOT figure out which episode it was, and I've watched these puppies a bazillion times (yeah, I've counted).

It turns out that the episode is "The Conscience of the King." The last part of the onscreen description is perhaps "...believed to be a mass murderer."

Egads, who writes these things? Could they not have just stated the general outlines of the story: the Enterprise may have taken onboard a mass murderer and the only people who could identify him, including Capt. Kirk, are being killed. Is Kirk next?

Why the hell do we need to know a scientist claims to have discovered a new synthetic food source (genuine imitation tofu, anyone?), and this is used to lure Kirk and company there?. How is that germane to this particular story? He could have discovered a new cold remedy, a nifty form of energy, or a herd of pretty unicorns galloping in a valley. The specific details of the ruse shouldn't figure into the log line for Gorn's sake. Is there someone going, "You know I just tweeted the other day that there aren't any good new synthetic food source shows out there and lo and behold I find one on tonight."

KDOC is showing the Remastered versions of the episodes, so maybe these funky onscreen descriptions are their way of making something old fresh and new again.

Or maybe someone at KDOC's onscreen programming department is hitting the Saurian brandy a bit too early in the day.

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