Saturday, September 12, 2009

Take a mugshot picture, it will last longer

Once upon a time...getting arrested was a bad thing. Now, it's simply another way to publicize yourself and/or your current project. Based on this article on the fun scifi website IO9, four actresses from the latest stupid CW series The Vampire Diaries were arrested for flashing their luscious "headlights" at motorists.

If you check out the mug shots you can see two things: one, that lead actress Nina Dobrev was one of the alleged flasherettes and two, they all look really, really pleased with themselves (and hawt). We're talking Mel Gibson-mug shot pleased (seriously, he had a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye). This isn't for the high school yearbook, dimwits, these are police photos! Police photos that are now easily seen around the world.

I love how the ladies claim they were dangling off a Georgia overpass and flashing motorists as part of a scene for their series, being filmed by one lone cameraman (who was also arrested). Unless it was Robert Rodriguez and his one-man-mariachi-film-crew, and the series was called Vampire Flashers, I call Oscar Meyer on this. As in baloney. (If you've ever seen a Hollywood production, there is literally a small army involved.) You have your lead actress and three supporting actresses doing a scene involving the public and, more importantly the public in fast moving autos, and there are NO assistant directors, producers, production assistants/gofers, set security/local police, the director of photography and/or their various camera support personnel (camera loaders, focus pullers, etc, as per UNION rules) and lastly NO director or second unit director/stunts director. Just four girls and ONE cameraman.

Yeah, this just reeks of professionalism and being all above board. And like an episode of The X-Files where someone releases LYING GAS into the air.

The absolute WORST part is that all this hoohah is just going to help publicize their extremely crappy show, and possibly keep it on the air longer. Now THAT is truly a crime.

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