Sunday, April 19, 2009


You set the recorder for Star Trek and you get Cheaters. Hmm…so why not combine the two? It’s Star Trek: Cheaters.

The shuttlecraft Galileo docks in the Enterprise hangar bay. Capt Kirk and his companion, Shahna the drill thrall, begin to exit.

T'aniqua the Orion Slave Girl rolls up out of the airlock, followed closely by Cheaters host Joey Greco and his crew.

Kirk: Oh, shi--

T'aniqua: Who this is?

Kirk: T'aniqua, can we discuss this later?

T'aniqua: Discuss? Discuss what? That you been beamin’ around on me with this bottle blond ho!

Shahna: Jim Kirk, shall I dispatch the shrill green one?

Kirk: No, Shahna, there will be no “dispatching” aboard my ship. T'aniqua, baby, if you have a problem you should have come to me later…you don’t need all these people.

Greco: Joey Greco, with Cheaters. Capt. Kirk can you tell me why you went on a romantic shuttlecraft ride with this blond woman when you knew T'aniqua was onboard the Enterprise waiting for you?

T'aniqua grabs Shahna by her drill thrall collar. Shahna tugs at T'aniqua’s animal-skin garb exposing a green breast (which is pixelated for TV). They start to pull each other's hair.

Kirk jumps in between them. You can tell he'd rather watch them wrestle, but he is the captain.

Kirk: Ladies, please. There is no fighthing in the hangar bay! Mr. Greco, you of all people should know about the Prime Dating Directive.

Greco: Prime Dating Directive?

Kirk: Yes, the Prime Dating Directive: the non-interference dating directive, which prohibits any two women the captain is dating from meeting each other aboard my ship!

Kirk is still struggling with the two hot chicks and is covered in smudged green makeup and little pieces of Shahna's aluminum foil bikini.

Greco: Star Trek: Cheaters will be right back, with Nomad dating one of Harry Mudd's android women while secretly seeing her TWIN behind her back.

Until then, here's "The Apple" fumetti.

Disclaimer: Star Trek is Copyright 2009 and a Registered Trademark of CBS Studios, Inc. No infringement of those rights is implied.
The song parody is based on "Don't Give Up On Us" lyrics by Tony Macaulay, sung by David Soul. Copyright the respective rights holders. No infringement of those rights is implied.

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  1. I have no idea what "Cheaters" is, but I liked this comment:

    Nomad dating one of Harry Mudd's android women while secretly seeing her TWIN behind her back.

    Fave pics:

    Plant with knife (LOL)

    Tree cat (gotta show this one to Daphne)

    Smokin' ass (what a shot)

    BTW, I can see Vaal occasionally stepping in for the Gorn...