Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tweets from a Twit

Recent Tweets made by Qwarthak the Conqueror:

Back at the mothership. Someone took Qwarthak's parking space! Revenge will be Qwarthak's. And Qwarthak's Antharnnian Lazatronic Pistol 1 hr ago

Carl's Jr. Contemplate stocking moist towelettes. SERIOUSLY. 1 hr ago

Qwarthak requires 8 ketchup packets. What? 2 hrs ago

Qwarthak is given a number by Carl's Jr. personnel. Qwarthak is NOT a number, Carl's Jr, Qwarthak is a CONQUEROR! 2 hrs ago

Qwarthak and some peeps are hitting Carl's Jr. 2 hrs ago

Qwarthak docks with the mothership. When world conquest is your job, it's not work. 6 hrs ago

Flying low in my space cruiser with the top down. Passed a skunk. GodDAMMIT! 7 hrs ago

Qwarthak "took care" of a-hole driver with a Blazznerion Blaster. 1 day ago

Driving to Qwarthak's sister's place. SOB just cut Qwarthak off. The fool! 1 day ago

In the checkout with 3 pallets of toilet paper. Yes, Qwarthak buys in bulk at Costco. 2 days ago

Costco. Daddy is here. By Daddy I mean Qwarthak. 2 days ago

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