Thursday, August 20, 2009

Qwarthak the Twitterer

More recent Tweets from Qwarthak the Conqueror.

Qwarthak. Has. Ice cubes. Let the bon ton roulet!
7:23pm Aug 20

Qwarthak just cleaned out the Zero G Toilet. Qwarthak has females coming over Friday and things must be spic and span.
6:45pm Aug 20

Qwarthak does customary Princess Leia hair jokes with Cinnabon staff. Qwarthak KILLS! Metaphorically, this time.
1:37pm Aug 20

Qwarthak hits up the Cinnabon.
1:35pm Aug 20

Qwarthak is at the mall. What? Qwarthak’s gf shops at Hot Topic.
1:30pm Aug 20

Qwarthak did a “California stop” at a stop sign…w/ a police cruiser directly astern. The cruiser did nothing. THAT is how Qwarthak rolls.
11:23am Aug 20

The same entity AGAIN calls yada yada. Qwarthak orders an underling 2 locate the entity & educate them with an Ellonian Convincer.
11:38pm Aug 19

The SAME entity calls Qwarthak back. Qwarthak, with the patience of Prellmar the Patient One, once again explains the entity’s error.
11:35pm Aug 19

Qwarthak explained that Qwarthak’s is a private number and NOT the phone company.
11:33pm Aug 19

Qwarthak received a wireless transmission by an entity wanting to change phone companies.
11:32pm Aug 19

Qwarthak relishes the day Qwarthak meets the One Called Hasselhoff on the field of battle and vanquishes such a worth foe.
8:35pm Aug 19

Watching America’s Got Talent. By the Eyebrows of Zutak, the one called David Hasselhoff is a mighty warrior.
8:30pm Aug 19

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