Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gimme some sugar, baby. (No please don't)

I made the mistake of pausing for longer than two seconds on Qubo, the wee kid's cartoon channel. Some BIG CEREAL COMPANY who shall remain nameless was touting four of their cereals as being a good source of essential-for-your-kids calcium and vitamin D or something.


A quick look at the packaging of these good for you kids cereals shows sugar and/or corn syrup appearing three to four times among all the ingredients! Yeah, you get some whole grains, but we toss in marshmallows that are made of sugar and to sweeten the whole dried up mess we dump in loads more corn syrup and sugar.

Way to go, big business! Here's a suggestion for a new cereal.

Cereal parody only. So don't sue me.

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