Monday, May 18, 2009

They don't make them like THIS anymore

THiS TV is in the middle of showing Black Mama, White Mama with Pam Grier, one of those rare crossovers where "blaxploitation" meets a "women in prison" movie. The tag line: "CHICKS IN CHAINS! Where they come from, this!" (Man, you gotta love the early 1970s!)

It was shot in the Philippines. In 1971. Two sure signs that quality was not a consideration (do you know how many women in prison and just plain shitty low-budget action flicks were shot in the Philippines? A LOT). It also stars Sid Haig. Need I say more?

First THiS TV showed the Blackula movies, now Black Mama, White Mama. It's obvious that whoever's in charge of programming there loves him some shit.

Somebody ought to give him a medal.

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