Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Neither here nor there

This has to be the quote of the week, from io9, "Despite bombing with the critics, Jumper, the 2007 movie about a teleporting asshole, was a modest success financially, and may get a sequel."

"Teleporting asshole?" That would make a great band name, The Teleporting Assholes.

Now I really want to see this movie!


  1. What about the Jumpin' Bungholes?

  2. The "Teleporting Assholes"...aren't they from Manchester?? Gotta be a punk band.

  3. LOL! I think the Jumping Bungholes was used during their "Basque Period" then changed to the Teleporting Assholes after the death-by-explosion of their drummer.

    And YES, the TA's ARE from Manchester! (Just pinning down the town makes it funnier.)