Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Forget the Swine Flu, Here's Miri

Star Trek. I haven’t watched it since the late 80s. Now it’s been Remastered.


Bonk, bonk on the head (which is exactly how I feel right now - frakkin' cold/flu/whatever).

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Thanks to for the Star Trek screencaps.


  1. Lt Large Orbs is back!! I was trying to find out more about that guy and he was also in Mudd's Women (see classic BadNewsBlog "Mudd Wrestling" in February) and The Enemy Within. The actor's name is Jim Goodwin. I checked his IMDB listing and it looks like the rest of his career was spent playing pretty much the same character.

    I knew that most of the child actors in the episode were children of the cast and crew (Shatner, Vincent McEveety, et al). I was also surprised to see that the little boy in the army helmet, standing next to Sgt Rock, is a very young Phil Morris--probably best known as attorney Jackie Chiles on Seinfeld--who also does a lot of voice work these days. His sister Iona is also in the episode and they're the children of Greg Morris of Mission Impossible fame. Phil starred in the Mission Impossible reboot in the 80's playing the son of his father's character from the original show (hadn't remembered that--about all I remember from the 80's show is the remix of the theme song and a shot from the opening credits of Jane Badler sliding out of a pool in a nicely revealing bikini).

    And knowing is half the battle!

  2. I didn't know "Jackie Chiles" was one of the kids! (You DO learn sumpin' new every day.) I remember Phil from The NEW M:I series - he was about the best actor. Phil was also in ST III as one of the trainee crew.

    And I forgot the lovely Jane Badler from V was in The New M:I! Speaking of V, did you catch the promos for the new V series, with Morena Baccarin in the Jane Badler-esque role. Morena looks GOOD with short hair (the short skirt doesn't hurt either).