Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's Up, Doc?

We LOVES us some Bugs Bunny at the space station here. Classic Looney Tunes cartoons are literal works of art.

Now comes word via Yahoo News that Cartoon Network is bringing back Bugs and Company.

Bugs and the rest of the classic Looney Tunes stable have lasted all these years because they are such relatable characters: tough, lovable, curmudgeonly, funny, and even looney. They have real personalities, especially when compared to such characters as Mickey Mouse and his Disney kin.

Just a word of advice, mack: Do NOT mess this up, or...Hassan chop!

Star Trek TNG pic (c) 2010 and a Registered Trademark of CBS Studios Inc. Bugs Bunny (c) Warner Brothers. No infringement of these rights is intended. Screencap from

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