Monday, April 19, 2010

2012: The Sequel (Not Really)

The San Diego Comic Con is a ginormous multimedia marketing extravaganza. I hear it also has something to do with comic books.

In 2012, the contract between the City of San Diego and the organizers of SDCC ends, so other cities are waving bright shiny objects in front of the organizers trying to get them to move SDCC to their city. Somehow the Las Vegas Comic Con just doesn't sound as cool. Maybe it's the tassels. And why'd they pick 2012 anyway? Don't they know we already gotta contend with Mayan calendars (btw, love their centerfold sacrifices), space asteroids, mammoth earthquakes and global flooding? Not to mention postage stamps are probably going to go up again in 2012.

But the City of San Diego isn't resting on its well-tanned laurels. Here's what they are proposing (from "A $753 million expansion of the San Diego convention center which would provide an additional 200,000 square feet of exhibit space, a third ballroom, 100,000 square feet of meeting rooms, and a new 500 room hotel directly behind the convention center. This would give the center a total of 815,000 square feet of exhibition space, about the same as Anaheim’s convention center."

All that and I'm guessing they're only gonna add three more restrooms. But then, again, what would comic book conventions be without grossly inadequate restroom facilities?

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