Friday, March 27, 2009

Major Movie Motion on Major Matt Mason

Tom Hanks is returning to space!

Hanks, a veteran of the Ron Howard/Brian Grazer space program (Apollo 13) and also a WWII veteran of Normandy (Saving Private Ryan) is set to play stalwart astronaut “Major Matt Mason,” in a movie of the same name.

Based on the beloved Mattel Toy series from the 1960s called “Man in Space,” Major Matt Mason (you have to say his whole name, kids!) was one of those early action figures where rubber was poured onto a wire frame skeleton, so you could BEND the guy every which way, which was awesome until you bent it so much it BROKE which was a major bummer for Major Matt Mason because who wants to play with an action figure with a severe handicap that he can’t even hold up his gun or whatever.

When that happened, Major Matt Mason quickly became a victim of the Opto-men, strange beings from INSIDE THE SUN, who were able to SET FIRE TO AND MELT THEIR PREY where they stood (ok, so it was just a magnifying glass on a really sunny day).

They better give Major Matt Mason a Space Crawler in this movie or the Opto-men might have to visit the theater....

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