Saturday, March 21, 2009

Irritation Age

Long story short: I don't have cable TV and I have watched all previous seasons of Battlestar Galactica on "DVD," as the kids call it. They released the first half of their final season (4.0) just before they started airing the second half on television. Seeing as how this is the series finale of one of the best shows EVER to be created by man (or Cylon) I started watching 4.5 episodes online at They posted the first six or so episodes the next day after their Friday broadcast. Cool.

But then for some whackass reason Hulu posted the remaining handful of episodes EIGHT DAYS LATER! Whose bright idea was that? This is the INTERNET AGE, people. The YOUTUBE AGE. The DIGITAL AGE. Eight days? Why not eight months, or eight years? This is the Age where some dude gets tasered and it's posted online IMMEDIATELY for all the world to see. But apparently it's still 1998 at Hulu - at least sometimes - and at many sites. (And I have to sit through the same ads for the eight day episodes as for the next day episodes.)

I'm going to have to carefully navigate through and around sites with BSG series finale spoilers for eight days - and I visit a lot of sites that mention this show. Then once I've watched the finale next weekend I have to go back to those sites and dig for their articles on this final episode. Egads, what a mess.

It would be one thing to post online all their episodes a set amount of time after TV broadcast, but to change that mid-stream makes no sense - you've hooked me, now you're just frakking with me. Hulu, you are run by Cylons, aren't you?

This is a case of someone seriously falling on their asses, either at parent company Universal which produces BSG, or at Or both.

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