Saturday, October 3, 2009

Greatest TV logline EVAR!

So last night I was checking out the late night TV offerings via "over the air" stations. You know, what they show after Letterman and the Scottish Conan Guy have gone off the air and all the other stations are filled with loudm frantic people screaming at you to buy things.

I'm talking of course about Mr. Ed.

Here's the onscreen logline for last night's episode: "Ed tries to redraw blueprints eaten by a goat."

OMG, that's just amazing. It tells you EVERYTHING you need to know. You even start laughing at the episode BEFORE YOU'VE EVEN SEEN IT, because it's just so concisely descriptive. Ed. Blueprints. Goat. There's no fat there. It's GENIUS!

Every comedy should have their "goat" episode, especially during sweeps months.

30 Rock ought to be glad Mr. Ed isn't around anymore, or those Best Comedy Emmy's might end up in someone else's saddlebags.

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