Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Color Purple

Dear SyFy,

Re: Your upcoming "reimagined" series featuring the classic comic strip character The Phantom.


Why, why, why, why?

Who the f--- greenlit this garbage? Have you even LOOKED at that stupid trailer that's online everywhere? Have you seen the vicious - and deservedly so - comments written about it?

Here's an idea, why not retitle it, The Cocky Dude Show. It might last longer with its target audience of stunted morons.

Did you ever see the movie Slumdog Millionaire? Remember the outhouse scene, where the little boy fell into the big drum of foul, smelly, disgusting crap? The next time you want to do a "reimagining" along the lines of this very soon to be cancelled Phantom series, just back that money truck up to one of these outhouses, heck even a modern toilet will do, and FLUSH IT ALL AWAY.

ps: Those monkeys you have banging away at those now feces-encrusted typewriters? I'd say it's time to get some new ones. ook ook

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